The most important use of carbon molecular sieves is the separation of pressure swing adsorption air to produce nitrogen.

    Metal processing
    For example, nitrogen supply in heat treatment processes such as bright quenching, bright annealing, nitriding, nitrocarburizing, soft carbonization, etc., using nitrogen as a shielding gas in welding and powder metallurgy sintering processes, etc.

    Chemical synthesis
    Provides important nitrogen raw materials for industrial synthetic ammonia, as well as synthetic fibers (nylon, acrylic), synthetic resins, synthetic rubber, etc.

    Electronics industry
    As nitrogen source for large-scale integrated circuit, color TV picture tube, TV and recorder components and semiconductor component processing

    Metallurgical Industry
    The nitrogen gas produced by the carbon molecular sieve nitrogen production equipment can be used as the shielding gas for continuous casting, continuous rolling and steel annealing in metallurgical industry 

    Food preservation
    Nitrogen storage and preservation of food, fruits, vegetables, etc.; nitrogen-filled fresh-keeping packaging of meat, cheese, mustard, tea and coffee; nitrogen preservation of fruit juice, raw oil and jam; purification of various types of bottles, etc.

    Pharmaceutical industry
    Nitrogen storage and preservation of traditional Chinese medicines, nitrogen filling of western medicine injection, storage and nitrogen filling for container, gas source for pneumatic conveying of medicine, etc.

    Chemical industry
    Protective gas for replace, cleaning, sealing, leak detection, and dry quenching, nitrogen for catalyst regeneration, petroleum fractionation, chemical fiber production, etc.

    Fertilizer industry
    The nitrogen produced by the carbon molecular sieve nitrogen production equipment is the raw material for the production of nitrogen fertilizer, and can also be used as a nitrogen for replacement, sealing, washing, protection catalyst, etc. in the production process of chemical fertilizer.

    Plastic industry
    Pneumatic transmission of plastic particles; 
    Antioxidation in plastic production and storage

    Rubber industry
    Rubber packaging, storage, tire production, etc.

    Glass industry
    Nitrogen produced by carbon molecular sieve nitrogen equipment is the most ideal protective gas in the production process of float glass.

    Petroleum industry
    Nitrogen purification of storage, containers, catalytic cracking towers, pipelines, etc.; air pressure leak test of piping systems, etc.

    Offshore oil development
    Gas coverage of platforms in offshore oil exploration, inerting of oil, storage tanks, containers, etc.  

    Prevent flammable materials in the cellars and warehouses

    The use of nitrogen fire prevention technology in coal mine production is one of the effective technical measures to prevent fires in coal seams, and has a very good control effect on suppressing spontaneous combustion of mines.

    Ocean shipping
    Tanker cleaning protection gas

    Aerospace technology
    Rocket fuel booster, launcher replacement gas and safety shielding gas, astronauts control gas, space simulation room, aircraft fuel line cleaning gas, etc.

    Nitrogen filling and oxygen discharging for paint and coating to prevent oil drying polymerization. Nitrogen filling and oxygen discharging  of oil and gas storage tanks, containers, and pipelines for nitrogen and oxygen are required to use nitrogen produced by carbon molecular sieve nitrogen equipment.